Frequently Asked Questions


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1. How do I book?

We have 2 booking options;

1.) Make a direct deposit/EFT payment into our account using our banking details:
Bank : First National Bank
Account holder : Rox Media PTY
Account number : 626-759-324-30
Branch code: 250655
Reference: (use the stipulated reference number)
Account type : Cheque
Send us an email to: and send us your contact number,email address and booking type to confirm your booking type (couple, sharing friends ... e.t.c)

2.) You can book online through our website's booking page using your credit/debit card via Payfast. Payfast accepts forex payments and is multi-currency, safe and secured.

2. What Do I Bring?

Here are the basic intems to bring:

a. Yourself & friend(s)
b. Camp chair
c. Coolerbox
d. Blankets/sleeping bag
e. Transportation to and from the camping site. (we do not offer transport).
f. Pillow (we only provide an inflatable bed/stretcher
g. Your own alcoholic & non-alcoholic bevereges
h. Snacks
i. Mosquito repellent
j. Torch

3. What If I Just Want To Tag Along?

Then tag along. The more the merrier, remember the point is for all of us to mingle and enjoy together as a group. If you have your own tent/camping equipement and you are just looking for our food and company, by all means you are welcome to come join us in our camping Book. However you will have to pay for your own camping costs, food and bring your own camping equipment.

4. What if I Have My Own Camping Equipment?

You are welcome to join us and bring your own camping equipment, we will give you a discount if you bring your own tent & bed.

5. Are Kids Allowed?

Though we welcome kids on our retreats, we are aware that in some cases that the campers do not make it a kids-friendly environment. We are therefore working on offering family retreats, where parents are welcome to come camping with their children in a more kids-friendlier environment. Please stay tuned to our website for future family retreat dates.

6. What Kind of Places Do We Camp in?

We look for places with great scenery, more of the essential needs (clean ablutions, plugs, water and safety). Our ideal camping spots normally have nearby activities to do, hiking, river rafting, quad biking, offroading , game viewing and more... We Like to go to places where you get to experience more of what nature has to offer. With the retreats we organise, we prefere not to go to places that have dangerouse animals, like snakes and reptiles. However, should you wish to have your own private retreat with us to those kinds of places, we are more than able to host you.

7. Are Our RetrEats Suitable for Couples?

Absolutely, we had couples enjoy a quite time away from the city joining us on our Retreats. We have activities that are suitable for both individuals, groups and couples. This is the perfect outing for that adventurous couple looking to do something different.

8. What about safety and security?

Well we are very selective about the campsites we choose, as security is a priority, we are not willing to compromise. We choose campsites that have in-house security patrolling 24/7, not only to ensure safety against intruders, but also against fellow campers as well. Campers will be notified on trip details if the campsite has roaming animals or not, so you can perpare yourself.

For additional peace of mind, we ourselves see to it that campers' safety is guaranteed and we will go through additional messures to ensure that.

9. What Kind of Food Do You Offer?

Our experienced chefs will draw up a menu that would be suited for most people, if you have a particular menu you would like to have on your private group retreat, you are welcome to request the chef to cook it for you. We try not to serve you normal traditional food, but to give you entire chef experience. You are also welcome to braai or cook your "potjie kos" if you need to.

10. How Long Are Our Camping Trips?

We normally go out for weekend long trips, Friday - Sunday (2 nights & 3 days) camping. But we are able to offer customized trips with the duration you require. This will obviously affect your price.

11. What Are the Sleeping Arrangements?

We provide a dome tent that can sleep upto 5 people (without beds), but we allow a maximum of 4. You will share your camping tent with your partner/friend/or bae, but if you are coming alone, we will provide a smaller 2 sleeper camping tent for you to sleep in alone.

12. Can you organize extra activities for us?

Unfortunately Camping RetrEats is not travel agency. We specialise in providing a great camping experience and guarantee delicious food. However, whenever we can, we will share a list of available activities for booked campers around the campsite area. But campers will be required to book at their own cost and time.

13. What if I want to cancel my booking?

You are allowed to cancel. However within the terms of our Cancellation Policy. We recommend that it's often better to find your own replacement should you not be able to come so you don't forfeit your payment completely. We do understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise at anytime, but we are unfortunately bound to adhear to our Cancellation Policy at all times.